carol lam

Hi fellow wanderers! As you've guessed, my name is Carol. I'm currently 22 years old, and I work in marketing at a software company. I've always been immensely curious about the world- its vast array of cultures, individuals, communities, destinations, cuisines, the list goes on. Traveling entails much more than seeing new places; it paves a path for opportunities, challenges, lifelong friendships, immersion into cultural diversities, getting in touch with nature, wild adventures, and unforgettable memories- yes, the kinds that give you those random bursts of joy while you're sitting in the office. I absolutely love traveling and all that it embodies, and I hope I can inspire you to get outdoors or to plan your next trip! 

other tidbits

I am a huge foodie, and am constantly seeking new restaurants to try. I'm definitely more of a kitten type of gal. When I'm not busy, you could probably find me snuggled up in bed, watching Hulu and Netflix shows. Who else is a fan of shows like "Peaky Blinders" and "Grey's Anatomy"? I enjoy reading before I sleep- historical fiction novels are my absolute favorite. I love people watching and creating narrations of strangers' lives in my head- airports and caf├ęs parisiens are my little pieces of heaven.